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Mountain Summit

Mountain Summit

  • Tea Type: Darjeeling Tea
  • Flavors: Earthy, Floral
  • Caffeine Level: High

This Darjeeling tea is from the Namring Tea Estate, one hour from the Darjeeling, a northern region in West Bengal, India. A fermented black tea harvested during the spring, this Darjeeling variety has a deep, floral, earthy flavor with notes of nuttiness and sweet musk.

Considered the "champagne" of tea, Darjeeling can have a variety of flavors based on when it is harvested and how long it ferments. Darjeeling tea goes through periods of growth and dormancy, which are called "flushes". This blend in particular is a "first flush", meaning that it was harvested in the spring after winter dormancy.

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Serving Size Info

2 oz makes up to 6 cups
4 oz makes up to 12 cups
8 oz makes up to 24 cups
16 oz makes up to 48 cups

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