A Guide To Tea

New to tea? Want more information? We gotchu.
Check out our Guide to Tea below. From brew times to types of tea, we can help you out.

Types of Tea

Tea Description Brew Temp Steep Time
Black Full-bodied tea that is allowed to fully oxidize. Deep, robust flavor with a high caffeine content. 212 2 - 4 mins
Darjeeling Tea grown in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, India. Can be black, green, or white tea. 190 2 - 4 mins
Green A tea whose buds have not gone through an oxidation and withering process used for black and oolong teas. Contains catechins and theanine, which may have health benefits. 170 2-4 min
Gunpowder A type of tea whose leaves are rolled in to small, round pellets and expand when brewed. Gunpowder teas are typically green teas. 170 2 - 4 mins
Herbal Herbal teas aren't "teas" in the traditional sense; they don't derive from the Camellia sinensis plant. Herbal teas are blends of leaves, barks, herbs, roots, or flowers on various non-tea plants. 170-212 2 - 4 mins
Oolong The tea "between" green and black tea. Medium caffeine content. Can be fruity or flowery in flavor. 170 2 - 4 mins
Puerh Aged black tea. Deep, rich flavor with little bitterness. Earthy tones. High caffeine content. 212 2 - 4 mins
White AKA, "baby tea". The least processed tea with the least amount of oxidation. Very delicate, naturally sweet flavor. Very low caffeine content. 160-180 2 - 4 mins

Which Tea Is Best For Me?

Good question. Here are some suggestions.

  • I neeeed caffeine.

    Black teas and Yerba Mate have a high caffeine content. We have an Assam black tea that gets the job done, and we also have straight-up Yerba Mate. If you really want some pep in your step, try our Wake Up Call blend – it’s Yerba Mate with ginger, cayenne pepper, and pineapple.

  • If my tea ain't sweet, I ain't interested.

    We gotchu, fam. We have both super sweet blends and fruity blends. Want something like a dessert? Try our Apple Pie blend. What to drink something fruity? Try our Plum Ripple blend – Sencha green tea with elderberry, Linden leaves and flowers, and plum flavoring. It’s one of our top sellers and goes great with lemonade.

  • I want to drink a flower.

    We have an entire Floral section in our online store. We have a Lavender Ceylon blend, a Vanilla Chamomile blend, and a bunch of others.

  • I want something with a deep, rich flavor.

    Try our English Breakfast blend. It's robust and deep in flavor. Try it with some milk (or a milk substitute).

  • I've never had tea before.

    Start with something with a flavor you know you like. Do you like chocolate-covered strawberries? We have a Chocolate-Covered Strawberry blend. Enjoy tropical flavors? Try our Tropical Paradise blend.

  • I want something totally unique.

    Ooooh, a risk taker. Try our
    Lapsang Souchong or our Chocolate Puerh. These blends are so unique that we can't even describe them properly.

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